7 Ways to Win: B2B eCommerce with Magento

The future of B2B is online. B2B businesses must leverage technology to better serve their customers and stay competitive. In the first episode of our eCommerce Over Coffee Webinar Series – 7 Ways to Win: B2B eCommerce with Magento, three DotcomWeavers experts share tips on how to win in the changing B2B eCommerce space. The […]

A Magento Business Solution Partner

DotcomWeavers, an award-winning web solutions company specializing in e-commerce, custom software and mobile applications, and content marketing, is pleased to announce that it has joined leading e-commerce platform Magento’s network of Business Solutions Partners. DotcomWeavers has a deep history of Magento development and has been building e-commerce solutions for retailers on the platform for several […]

Epicor Eclipse ERP Integration with Magento 2.0

In online sales and in-store retail, the flexibility, speed, and accuracy of your ERP integrations have the biggest impact on your success. This article discusses how an Epicor Eclipse ERP integration with your Magento 2.0 store can deliver a true omnichannel experience – one that saves you time and money and exceeds customer expectations. *For […]

Magento 2 Pros & Cons: is it right for your business?

Looking for the best eCommerce software to power your online business? Magento 2 could be it. The open-source Magento platform helped 260,000+ sites manage $1.01 trillion in transaction volume in 2016 – about 45% of ALL online sales. Today, Magento 2 is far more powerful than its predecessors, but it also has advanced development requirements and an […]

Top 2018 eCommerce Trends to Watch For

eCommerce revenues are expected to eclipse $400 billion by the close of 2017. This surge happened by leaps in social media, omnichannel strategies, and mar-tech (marketing technology). Now, new technologies and strategies are on the horizon, and 2018 expects to see eCommerce revenues of $460 billion or more. The eCommerce environment also promises to be […]

Better Business Newsletters in 7 Easy Steps

Do you have lots of email newsletters clogging your inbox, but only read and enjoy a few of them? You’re not alone. The main reasons that only a handful of newsletters are opened each month while most others are discarded are quality and relevance. As a customer, you’re more likely to follow newsletters with great […]

eCommerce Website Design Process Videos

At DotcomWeavers, we are masters the of eCommerce website design process. One of our favorite parts of any client project is the design phase – where we engineer the user experience and user interface. To learn more about our design philosophy and to see how we work, we created these YouTube eCommerce website design videos. […]

How’s Your Business Email Marketing Strategy?

Social media marketing is the buzzword of the day, and a ‘traditional’ email marketing strategy can seem outdated. After all, if you can interact directly and instantly with customers on Twitter and Facebook, why spend time on an older marketing tool? But the truth is in the ROI: a good email marketing strategy is still […]

Use Google Analytics to Grow your Business

Good online marketing for businesses is about tracking, measuring, and analyzing your website and social media data. There are a few powerful tools available to simplify this process. By integrating these tools into your website and learning the basics of reading your data, you’ll be able to make better decisions and optimize conversions. In this […]

Social Media Audit: Optimize Your Social Business

Social media is a compelling and cost-effective way to market your business – if you do it well. In fact, most consumers rate social media content as more trustworthy than ads or articles. And while posting each week on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is a good place to start, there’s more to it. Much more. […]

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