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Welcome back to our series on getting your website ready for summer shopping and summer marketing. In our first article, we discussed how user activity and sales could drop by 30% or more during the summer months. We also gave 3 simple updates to make your eCommerce website friendlier to summer shopping habits.

In this article, we’ll share four powerful ways to improve your summer marketing plan. With these tips, you can keep traffic up even while people are spending less time online. Research key places to reach potential customers, and then make sure your content hooks them the first time.

Think about summer habits. You won’t see many laptops at the beach, but most people will have a smartphone or tablet on hand. This means you should focus on mobile content. So, with mobile as your mantra, follow these suggestions to run a winning summer marketing plan.

Create quality summer marketing content

Last time, we covered the importance of updating the look of your website with seasonal imagery that resonated with the mood of your customers. When it comes to summer marketing, apply the same approach to your content. Keep it easy to read and relevant to the season. People like the content they can relate to, so give them images and posts they would enjoy at the beach or on vacation. Remember to explain the benefits of your products as they relate to summer activities.

Tip: Come right out and ask customers if they will submit pictures featuring your products. This ‘real’ content can make a huge difference in new customer buying choices.

 Have a summer sale or giveaway

No matter the season, everyone loves a great deal. By offering a special summer sale and backing it with a fun social media marketing campaign (see below), you can make it easier for people to buy. Discounts and coupons in return for contact information are great ways to encourage sales and build your customer list. A free giveaway in return for customer information or participation can also generate added traffic. Make this part of your summer marketing plan.

Launch a social media campaign

Social media platforms are great places to run a summer marketing campaign. People spend a larger portion of their online time there updating statuses, posting vacation pictures and checking friends’ feeds. Consider launching a summer blog post series related to your products and services. You can offer lifestyle tips and entertaining stories while marketing your products. In a few minutes each day, you can let people know on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram about your latest content. A social media campaign is also a great way to showcase your summer shopping sales and giveaways.

Amit Bhaiya, CEO of DotcomWeavers, says, “Use the summer to build strong customer relationships. Create a core group of loyal customers now, and you’ll reap big rewards during the busy shopping months of fall and winter.”

 Invest in search engine marketing (SEM)

 With fewer users online and less time to engage them, make sure your content gets the support it needs. Paid ads are a great way to gain visibility and traffic via search engine results pages (SERPs). The investment doesn’t have to be huge, either. Target geographic areas with a high density of people who would be interested in your product. This way, you can keep traffic up despite the seasonal slump in summer shopping. Google, Bing, and Yahoo all offer excellent services that are easy to start using. Remember to focus on keyword phrases that include terms like:

  • Buy
  • Discount(s)
  • Deal(s)
  • Coupon(s)
  • Free shipping

The summer slump might be inevitable, but with the strategies from this series, you can offset lower traffic by earning a higher visitor-to-conversion ratio. And remember, the slow season is more than offset by the massive jump in online shopping during the fall and winter. Use the summer to develop your marketing plan and improve your process. We’ll explore how to capitalize on the high volume shopping seasons in a later article.

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