How a startup snack company more than doubled online revenue after integrating WooCommerce.

Whisps are delicious, 100% cheese crisps. The company is a subsidiary of the well-known Schuman Cheese brand, and today is a household name(and a pantry staple) across the country.

Thanks in part to their rapid eCommerce success, Whisps can now be found in stores like Costco and Whole Foods. Big steps for a small company, and there’s only more online growth ahead.


Break into eCommerce

Build a streamlined online sales platform from scratch

Optimize Shipping

Give Whisps full control over their customers’ shipping experiences

Marketing via UGC

Set up a platform to encourage user-generated content

Our Approach

Fast eCommerce Enablement

Whisps needed a complete eCommerce package on an entry-level platform. WordPress and WooCommerce provided the perfect balance of simple content management and eCommerce potential. We engaged with the Whisps team to select the right plugins for their sales, fulfillment and marketing needs.

Because Whisps was an emerging brand, the site emphasized bold design and fun user experiences. The combination of seamless branding and sales-driven features helped Whisps see a strong ROI early on. On the technical side, ShipBob integration helps Whisps deliver fast, affordable shipping from fulfillment centers near their customers.

UX Design

eCommerce Filler Text

Our first step was creating a brand that Whisps could take to market and leverage immediately. The branding and UX teams built the website wireframes around a strategic user flow to optimize conversions. The intuitive architecture also supported fast eCommerce development. Every graphic element on the site fulfills multiple roles: capturing attention, providing information, and encouraging action. Today, Whisps maintains its fun and friendly identity while steadily growing sales month over month.


Endlessly Engaging Content

Organic growth was critical, so we created a plan that leveraged user-generated content to both engage new users and deepen connections with existing ones. The combination of prominent reviews and a real-time instagram feed keeps content fresh on the site and encourages people to participate. Finally, Whisps offers a robust recipes section, which positions their products as much more than delicious snacks.

On the outbound side, we tackle marketing via MyEmma integration for promotional newsletters. The marketing infrastructure and strong branding help Whisps capitalize on more opportunities and capture more conversions.

“They helped create a new eCommerce site for my business, as well as optimized the current site. They have proved to be a valuable partner in the industry, with vast knowledge and incredible support across the company.”

- Keith Schuman, Business Development ,

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