Wallington Plumbing Supply

Wallington Plumbing Supply

One of the largest plumbing and heating supply retailers in New Jersey needed a scalable eCommerce platform and robust integrations that would elevate their eCommerce and enable the implementation of an omni-channel strategy.
How Wallington Plumbing & Heating Supply leveraged the power of a Magento x Epicor Eclipse Integration to build a functional omnichannel experience for their customers that drove a 520% Increase in Revenue.

Wallington Plumbing Supply
520% Growth in Revenue
160% Boost in Conversions
400% More Mobile Users
300% Increase in Phone Orders


The Challenge

The original Wallington Plumbing & Heating Supply site was running on WordPress. The existing platform was slow and suffering from multiple security and update issues. It was unable to connect with their legacy ERP (Epicor Eclipse) which made an omnichannel experience unachievable. Without the ability to offer effective search options, the company’s extensive online catalog was difficult to search and slow to convert, putting overall sales at risk. Focused on their growth in the B2B industry using an omnichannel approach, Wallington needed more than a platform migration. They were in need of a platform that enabled an enhanced catalog, a robust search and an omnichannel experience that worked with their legacy software Epicor Eclipse ERP.


Our Approach

  • Omni Channel Strategy to Support Multiple Store Locations
  • Enable B2B Features: View Invoices, Orders, and Online Payment Options
  • Implement an Enterprising Digital Marketing Strategy to Boost Engagement
  • Robust Search Tools and Options to Simplify Customer Journey


The Solutions

  • Magento 2 x Epicor Eclipse ERP Integration
  • Custom Built Connector to an ERP and Payment Gateway (Vantiv)
  • User Friendly UX/UI Design
  • Buy Online Pick Up in Store (BOPIS)
  • Create a Shoppable Catalog with Advanced Search Options
  • Add Quick Reorder Features and Enhanced Shipping Options
  • Sync Customer and Store Data in Real Time

Epicor Eclipse ERP Integration

Our team developed an integration from scratch. Epicor Eclipse had an integration service, but no existing connector to Magento 2 was available. The entities synced between ERP and Magento 2 included:

  • Product Data from ERP to Magento
  • Orders and Customer information in a bi-directional sync between ERP and Magento

The complex custom integration our team performed, allowed Wallington Plumbing & Heating Supply to run their normal business operations more efficiently and leverage the flexibility of time and costs to scale.

Omni-Channel and B2B

The extensible B2B features of Magento created an Omnichannel solution that allowed Wallington Plumbing & Heating Supply to better serve their B2B customers with improved site speeds and a user friendly design. Wallington’s rich product catalog is now shoppable throughout their online store which displays real time inventory available across different locations. The Magento store is equipped with Quick Order PAD for simplified browsing or reorder processes, and enhanced shipping options. Their existing store customers can now shop online and see all current account history through an express registration. New customer data is synced with the ERP in real time and registered customers can see their own special negotiated prices where applicable. Other elements of the online store like BOPIS and Curbside Pick Up have paid off in huge dividends during the current global COVID-19 pandemic when customers would prefer contactless pickup options and minimal exposure. Because of these initiatives, conversions have jumped to an increase of 160%.

Digital Marketing

After the migration to Magento and the complex custom integration was up and running, Wallington Plumbing & Heating Supply then entrusted our experts with the task of creating and implementing an ambitious digital marketing strategy. To ensure Wallington remained a competitive leader in their industry, our objectives were to leverage several platforms to:

  • Boost engagement
  • Increase Site Traffic
  • Improve Conversions

With a 400% increase in mobile users, our master marketing team continues to run their paid search strategy which involves:

  • Remarketing Campaigns
  • Retargeting Content
  • Catalog Management Services
  • Optimizing Google and Bing Ads

Our experience with DotcomWeavers was a great one. They have a very professional staff that’s focused on creating the ultimate customer experience. We were happy with all their work and look forward to doing future projects with them.


Ray DiRussa / Project Manager

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