How an industrial supplier experienced a 40% jump in sales

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An end to end eCommerce solution.

Pump Products of Westwood, NJ is a trusted distributor of pumps, controls, and electric motors to customers all over the United States. When Pump Products was in need of an end-to-end eCommerce solution, the DotcomWeavers team was with them every step of the way.

Where almost a decade of partnership develops an innovative and prosperous online store with custom ERP integration, sophisticated cataloging, and robust UX Design. Their new site is competitive and efficient featuring a fully interactive parts diagram.

Our Approach


For the DCW team, the challenge of the Pump Products site migration, produced four main objectives that guided our work: cataloging and rich data structure, enhanced UX, maximizing the conversion rate, and omni-channel implementation.


Our development team rebuilt the the site structure, streamlined the backend catalog and data management,  and launched a custom ERP integration (DDI).


The marketing then focused on improving conversion rates with highly detailed product pages, buyers guides, and improved content.

The Result

This strategy resulted in a 104% increase in traffic across multiple channels which lead to a 40% increase in sales.

As an eCommerce company, website layout and navigation are extremely important to us. The DotcomWeavers team has helped us develop a site that is presentable, efficient and easy to use for our customers.

— Craig Mccrickard | Project Manger | Pump Products


Interactive Parts Diagrams

When constructing the interactive parts diagrams for the Pump Products Magento store, our team designed with two main outcomes in mind.
  • A Simplified and Streamlined Customer Journey
  • Generate Revenue with the Capability to Sell Individual Replacement Parts without Launching a Second Website

Pump Products customers can take advantage of a dynamic Omnichannel solution with a well defined customer journey. The new online store expertly displays a variety of filters, illustrative buyer’s guides, interactive parts diagrams, and informative videos. Every visitor to the online store now has the ability to shop for and buy single products using the interactive diagrams that employ hover and click interactivity which shows product information, availability, and options to add to cart or visit the detailed product page. All data is pulled in real-time from the Pump Products database and connected to the diagram nodes which are identified as SKUs of the parts. With these improvements, the Pump Products’ online store saw a 24% increase in average visitor session.

This custom system is:

  • Built with HTML/JS/CSS
  • Compatible with touch-based smartphones and tablets
  • Created with vector SVG graphics
  • 100% scalable to any screen allowing users to zoom in and out

DDI ERP Custom Integration

The DDI ERP is ideal for a large parts and machinery distributor like Pump Products. The team at Pump Products came to DotcomWeavers wanting to streamline their order-to-cash cycle integration. However, they lacked a direct connector for Magento and DDI. That is where our team came in to build a custom, flat-file-based integration. This provided Pump Products with the following Magento capabilities:

  • Automatically updated inventory pricing and availability for each product
  • Exported flat order master file and order details for every order
  • Imported shipment files with details about the shipped items and tracking information

Catalog and Data Management

In order to make Pump Products’ 50,000+ SKU inventory more accessible, our team worked to scrub the existing databases. We then installed a Product Information Manager (PIM), which establishes a data management workflow with the product data team and automatically receives SKU data from the DDI ERP. Overall, our efforts led to a 50% increase in returning customers.

The Pump Products Team now has the ability to enrich product data with:

  • Specifications
  • Manuals
  • PDFs
  • Diagrams

All of which are then automatically pushed to their Magento Store where the user can search for parts by manufacturer, SKU #, series, and more. The newly designed Manual Finder even provides customers with brochures, product manuals, and product model diagrams.

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