How an SaaS online learning platform partnered with DotcomWeavers to better serve their customers

Offering education and ongoing learning through a multi-store website

nThrive makes revenue cycle management simple, efficient, and accurate. Across thousands of health systems, hospitals, physician practices and payors, our technology simplifies and automates the revenue cycle from end to end. It eliminates administrative burden, reduces costly errors, expands staff knowledge, provides data insights, improves productivity, and increases profitability.

The purpose of the project was to support nThrive’s online offering of one-time products (webinars) and ongoing subscriptions for Knowledge Source products. Their team needed a way to process payments, support their ongoing content, save seats for classes, and have all software and platforms communicate together without the need for manual updating.

Our Approach


While the backend of nThrive’s website and platforms all needed to communicate effectively with one another, providing an interconnected and seamless customer experience for those using their services was a top priority on our end. Blending the two into a balanced and scalable user experience was the plan.


Our developers created a multi-store site on Magento 2 with integration to their Moodle Learning Management System.. While the seamless backend and frontend functionality was the main focus, the goal was to make sure that the payment gateways, CRM and LMS could communicate with each other using Magento as the main hub. Additionally for webinars, GoToWebinars was integrated. Upon webinar customer sign up, they were automatically added as participants on GoToWebinar via the integration. A custom Automatic Billing/Invoicing workflow was created using Braintree Payments, to manage the prorating and billing of all licenses.


Our team launched the new multi-store site and nThrive watched as seats filled for courses and subscriptions began to grow. nThrive can now closely track which classes are most popular, what subscriptions offer the most value to their audience, and other KPIs which would allow the leadership team with better insight.

The Result

The initial phase involved an integrated approach involving their CRM, LMS, Payment Gateway and Magento. This has improved their customer retention by providing them with an enhanced user experience while allowing billing and sales automation for their internal team.

DotComWeavers has been an excellent development partner for our Magento-based eCommerce project. Their technical facility with either Magento enterprise or community addition is outstanding. I would strongly recommend DotComWeavers for any enterprise considering building a Magento eCommerce based platform.

— Edward Novick | 5-star Google Review


This was not a traditional eCommerce setup involving products, ERP, shipping and payment gateway. The project involved customizing various user flows so that the LMS and CRM could talk to each other using Magento as the hub.


A website that was user-friendly, supported online webinars, offered subscription capabilities, and captured the essence of the brand were top priorities for nThrive. DotcomWeavers did just that. They took their wish list of items and combined everything to find the right balance between form and function.

Custom Integrations

nThrive needed to pull together many different moving pieces to keep their business running smoothly. From a user-friendly website to their learning management system and CRM, everything is now seamlessly integrated with one another, eliminating the need for manual data entry or cross-referencing.

Automated Billing and License Management

Because webinars are how nThrive provides educational courses to their healthcare professionals, accepting online payments and reserving seats for classes was essential. A fully custom automatic billing system was set up using Braintree gateway to enable this for their clients. Adjustments made to license seats were automatically communicated to the integrated LMS system.

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