How an innovative bike brand generated 4x growth in online sales

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A migration from OSCommerce to a growing Magento-based eCommerce brand.

BULLS Bikes creates sleek, modern bicycles that use reserve electric power to help riders travel faster and farther. During the valued partnership with BULLS Bikes, DotcomWeavers was able to guide them on their journey from an OSCommerce startup to a profitable Magento-based eCommerce brand that dominates the B2B space.

Our Approach


The initial goal of this project was a migration from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2.3 to maximize site performance. The focus was to deliver robust backend controls to increase the CLV of both B2B and B2C customers. From a marketing standpoint, there was an opportunity to improve the customer journey, improve their dealer experience, and launch a DTC campaign.


Our developers upgraded the website to Magento 2.3. Then they moved on to improving site speed and performance. To support the dealer network a dealer locater module and multistory functionality were added.


With the upgraded website in place, our marketing group launched a marketing strategy across all key channels. Social media was used to increase engagement, search engine rankings were significantly improved to capture bottom-of-funnel traffic, and a highly-target paid advertising strategy captured new customers.

The Result

This strategy resulted in a 400% increase in online sales across multiple channels, with an 18X return on ad spend. 

DotComWeavers has been an excellent developer partner for our Magento based ecommerce project. Their technical facility with either Magento enterprise or community addition is outstanding. I would strongly recommend DotComWeavers for any enterprise considering building a Magento ecommerce based platform.

— Edward Novick | 5-star Google Review


Magento Migration And Development

As we already know, the platform you choose to run your online business on can make or break you. It became clear that OSCommerce was limiting Bulls Bikes ability to scale and expand their business processes to achieve their goals. One of these major goals included multi store development to launch another online store for Pegasus Bikes, a lifestyle ebike manufacturer. Magento 2.3 was a key element in accomplishing a cost-effective and highly functional multistore solution with no down time.

The flexible codebase and scalability of Magento 1.9 then 2.3 changed the game with its extensive out-of-the-box features. Our team worked to integrate flexible UPS shipping options, with popular payment gateways like PayPal and Amazon Pay, and TaxJar which allowed BULLS to automate their accounting and compliance requirements. These integrations were essential to launching BULLS Bikes into successful B2B and B2C marketing campaigns and sales initiatives leading to higher conversions.

Digital Marketing

The Bulls team was driven towards building brand awareness, increasing organic traffic to their site, and boosting their conversion rate. Our team focused on getting their SEO setup in place to increase their rankings on Organic Searches and together, we have been able to implement a sound PPC Strategy. This partner has very Social Media friendly products so our team has been able to #unleashthebull and increase the brand’s presence. Understanding the buyers persona resulted in increased social traffic and better user engagement. To do this, we performed extensive web analysis and used the results to:

  • Optimize Google Adwords and Display Ads and
    set a Solid SEO Base
  • Identify and Target Ideal Customer Demographics
  • Build a Social Media Content Schedule Including:
  • User Generated Content
  • Product/Branded Advertising
  • Giveaways

Overall, our efforts raised Bulls Bikes rank on SERPs and led to a 150% increase in social engagement and an 18x Return on Ads Spend.

UX Improvements

In order to develop an approach that was conducive to both B2B customers and B2C customers, this project relied heavily on the customizability of the Magento platform. Our main priority was to provide ease of use and an enjoyable shopping experience that was as functional on the back end as it was the front end. We implemented:

Abandoned Cart and Exit Intent Pop Up Features:

Each user that adds items to a cart but does not complete a transaction will receive a personalized email reminder about their abandoned cart. Exit intent pop ups will be displayed as a user is leaving a page reminding them of the items in their cart. This automated system allowed Bulls to capitalize on previous leads, eventually converting them to paying customers.

Dealer Locator Module:

Users are now equipped with the option to search by zip code to locate a Bulls Bikes dealer in their area where they can shop products in person. This capability supports the experience of both dealers and customers as qualified dealers can add their location through an exclusive dealer portal. They can list themselves as a designated shipper within a radius of a certain area. With this, order fulfillment is automatically streamlined and shipping distances are optimized.


The teams at DotcomWeavers and Bulls Bikes are always partnering up for new ideas to continue the growth trajectory using Magento and third party applications. As we strengthen our partnership, the goal is to dive deeper into the following areas:

  • Customized Search and Personalization
  • Use of AI to help improve the Customer Journey
  • Pre-Ordering Feature to improve retention
  • Redesign the site based on user behavior and current data
  • Automate Backend Processes and Order Fulfillment

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