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Achieve Your eCommerce Goals

We are more than just eCommerce design and development experts. At DotcomWeavers, we serve as true technology and business partners for our clients and provide unique strategy and consultation services. It is our strategic thinking and custom solutions that truly propel client success. Whether you are a startup looking to disrupt the market or an established company seeking a bigger market share, it all begins with a consultation to analyze your needs. Our team leaders will work with you to assess your goals for business development, your budget, and your timeline. By understanding where you are now and where you want to go, we can craft unique web solutions, advertising, social media marketing campaigns and content strategies to get you there.


We’ll help you establish achievable short and long-term goals and then produce an action plan.  We will review your website and conduct market research to identify areas where eCommerce technology can disrupt the competition, win your audience, and position you for serious growth.


W can help you identify the best options for eCommerce platforms, store features, payment gateways, order management tools and more. Because your goals are unique, we’ll customize each tool to suit your business functions and provide superior service.

We provide expert strategy and consultation services.


From a small startup to a national corporation, we can guide you through the process of eCommerce development. We will connect you with experienced team members who can best serve the needs of your business.


Whether it is negotiating with vendors to get the best prices or connecting you with third-party service providers, we offer the support you need. At DotcomWeavers, we are more than a tech company – we provide total business solutions.

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More Questions about Strategy and Consultation

At DotcomWeavers, we are fully invested in every project we take on. To ensure that clients receive our best thinking from day 1, our strategy and consultation meetings are attended by key stakeholders in each department. Our CEO and director of business development will be there to listen to your needs, as will a lead UX designer and project manager. Not only will you receive high-level thinking about solving your problems, but also the technical solutions and a clear understanding of what it takes to accomplish your goals.
The more information we have about your business needs, the better able we will be to help. This starts with a clear understanding of your current market position and marketing and sales strategies. We also want to know about your goals and aspirations. It’s our job to get you there, so we need to know what you are starting with and where you want to go.
To get your project started after the consultation, you should contact our director of business development or CEO directly. They will set you up with a coordination meeting to discuss the scope, schedule, and project proposal. This is the start of our collaboration, and we’ll make sure you are excited about the process from day 1.
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