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Social Commerce is the New Wave


Jan 28, 2011

Pay attention and take as much of this in as you can. If ‘social commerce’ is a new phrase to you, then its time to catch you up. Let me bottom line it for you: social commerce is the purchase of goods and services through the use of social media or using it in any context with e-commerce. Not exactly sure what that means? Then you need to head over to one of these leading social commerce websites:, or Not only are the websites designed specifically for social commerce, but they make great use of social media to spread their products and services. We can all stand to take a few hints from them.

People are constantly locating and trying new products from companies on and offline. The idea behind social commerce is that when your neighbor tells you about the great hose he just got, and where he got it from, you will be likely to purchase that same item from the same place. Why find out which brand of a product is best and where it’s cheapest when you can hop online to find someone who has already done it? Online shoppers like knowing their voice has been heard, so when they aren’t shy about leaving comments and reviews. All of this chatter best serves your business if it takes place online, in a community where lots of other people can read up on it. This form of social validation through social media is a fast rising approach to web marketing.

Basically, another key facet to your ever-changing web marketing strategy just added itself. The web design of your online business should have the functionality to allow customers to comment and review transactions they’ve had with your company. The website should have social media sharing options with products. Get your products out there and on the social commerce wave. If people are not talking about your products and services, then they aren’t buying them. Customers are waiting to hear about new deals, sales, and products that are available from companies they frequent. You better believe that when they find something they like, they tell their friends through social media.

“Starbucks set out to increase traffic in stores around the country through a ‘free pastry’ program shared through social networks. The coffee company says that social media contributed to 1 million customers visiting local stores in one day.”

It’s all about the convergence of media and influence online. Enlightened engagement of your visitors will help blossom a solid place for your business in the online communities of your customers. Listen and discuss with them. Find out how to best direct the web design of your e-commerce website to be more social media friendly. Make the small changes to give social commerce a chance to boost your business.

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