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Small Businesses Need CMS Too


Sep 20, 2010

Every business, small, big or just starting, needs to take advantage of the numerous web marketing tools available today. Let’s face it, if your business needs something and you plan to be successful, you get that something. In the case of online business, that ‘something’ can correlate to a rather large range of services and applications. The sheer number of programming software services and tools is staggering, and they all serve one purpose: to create an undeniable web presence for your online business. When your online presence requires you to make use of and manage more web content than you can conceivably handle, then it is way past the time you had a control management system (CMS or web CMS) made for your business.

This is a very real problem that small businesses, unprepared for the amount of web content they have created, run into often. It does you no good to create hundreds of pages of great content and have no system in place for changing, editing or adding more. Handling this problem is the purpose of a CMS. Does your online storefront make use of web applications? Third party programming software? Does it use web services software to make the checkout process easier for your customers? Do you have more portals to enter information into for your websites content, than employees working for you? Then you have a very real and very common problem. Your business is wasting time and money on the effort of managing these different portals. While you are trying to figure out how to change some portion of your website, a more successful business has a CMS in place and accomplishes the same task in a fraction of the time; not to mention, at a fraction of the cost. That time that you are wasting, could be spent on tasks that will greatly increase your bottom line.

The idea is to have a CMS planned out in advance, before all the tools and services are added to increase and improve your web content. Having an expert team evaluate and coordinate the different needs of your online business will save
you a lot of money. It allows for a CMS to be built that is adapted to methods for adding and managing content that are already in place, making them easier and more efficient. There are key aspects to CMS implementation:

  • The User Interface
  • Enabling the Subject Matter Experts
  • Di-section the display templates
  • Demonstration of Efficiency

When these elements are well planned for, it eliminates the headache managing web content can cause. If you already have this headache, then it is highly recommended that you find a crew of experienced experts to handle your web content management needs immediately. If you have plans to add a lot of new content to your small businesses website, then it would behoove you to have plans for a CMS made as well. Gain better control over the management of your web content and make a very difficult task simple. It’s worth it.

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