Showing OsCommerce Da Bull


Dec 15, 2010

It is exciting when you come up with that great new idea to create a business or to further your own business. For our client, the owner at, it was the latter. Specializing in funny cowboy t-shirts and biker t-shirts, it’s an oscommerce website selling funny Brahman Bull apparel. Just like a bull, the owner was ready to charge in head first and get the ball rolling. At Dotcomweavers, we know all too well the allure of getting a new project started, so we partnered up with them and gave a rundown of exactly how amazing we could make their e-commerce website.

Normally, an e-commerce website needs a certain amount of customization for the products or services it sells. In this case, there was much more work needed in the customization area, due to the nature of the business. is formed from the perspective of its main character, Seymour, a Brahman bull. It was important to have the character and funny theme of the website present and apparent, not just for the home page, but throughout every aspect. That means our team of oscommerce developers created custom modules and checkout process additions to insert Seymour into every aspect of the transaction. Customers enjoy the funny anecdotes and amusing characteristics of Seymour throughout the website.

The owner, having desired a website that would help his products stand out from the rest, was blown away by our effort. Now he has an e-commerce website that reflects the message of carefree fun that  his products endorse. With the main platform for programming made in CreLoaded, an advanced oscommerce software platform, our team of oscommerce developers was able to create and specialize almost every aspect of the website to the goals set forth by the owner. Guaranteed originality for the brand was definitely a priority that Dotcomweavers was able to meet. New products can be uploaded quickly and easily. Customers get to experience the fun of Seymour, as they enjoy a seamless, secure checkout process. The owner has a well thought out and easily accessible back-end to process orders large and small.

Everything was done with the professional touch that only Dotcomweavers can guarantee. With our help, continues to grow as a product and brand.

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