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Security Continues to be a Major Issue in 2011


Apr 05, 2011

If there is one thing that can never be stressed enough, it is security for your customers’ personal information. So far, 2011 has been rife with security threats and quick fixes.

Now, I know what you’re thinking- and yes, it has been mostly large companies that are being targeted by hackers. However, practicing competent security measures now will be infinitely useful to you and your company as it grows in the future. Hiring professional web developers to handle your security needs is not just smart, it’s necessary.

No one wants to be the newest victim of a security violation. For any business, it is a nightmare scenario. You are probably still getting emails from any number of services you subscribe to about your email being on a list of thousands that was stolen hacked from Epsilon. Even though the company swears up and down that the breach was not that severe, people remain worried. Security breaches lead to a lot of bad press for your company, inconveniences for your customers (at the least) and web security development overhauls for your business.

Since all of those items are on a permanent ‘To Avoid’ list for every business, big players like Google spend a lot of time and money to fix exploits before hackers find them. This is definitely the best practice, second only to professional web developers finding and fixing the mistakes before going live.

Unfortunately, not all companies can employ such a tactic and must, instead, fight rearguard battles. Take Sony for instance, they are having a lot of problems with people hacking their PlayStation 3s. It isn’t a problem they can fix before launch, it can only be handled after someone cracks it.

Quick Interlude. Unlike Google, Sony handled their problem rather poorly. Sony issued a full-fledged threat to ban anyone hacking their PlayStation 3s. That was a terrible idea. The hackers responded as expected and now it looks like Sony will be forced to make a software update for users rather quickly to avoid massive embarrassment. I’m quite sure it has been a rule since the 80’s, but I’ll repeat it for Sony’s benefit: You Do Not Challenge Hackers (unless you can setup a controlled environment).

What’s worse, if hackers don’t exploit your Internet security faults, your competition will, as Square found out the hard way. There may not even be a real problem (you can read about Square CEO, Jack Dorsey, defending the company here), but even a perceived security issue can be damaging to your business and its reputation.

Take a page from the big boys, do everything you can to insure that your customer and business secure information is protected. Seek out web design and development companies that have security experts to walk you through the needed steps to safeguarding your business from hackers.

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