Save The Date: April 21st… Are you ready?

Save The Date: April 21st… Are you ready?

If you thought, “responsive design can wait,” it looks like you thought wrong. According to Google, time is up… and now it’s “either go mobile or go home!”

On April 21st, Google is officially going mobile-friendly.
That’s right: The search engine giant has revolutionized the industry again! In just a few short days, it will launch a new algorithm that will boost mobile-friendly websites and help them feature more prominently on mobile search results.

What does that mean for us as members of the human race?
More mobile-friendly websites in our search results! Yes, by Google now including mobile-friendly usability factors into ranking signals, there will be a dramatic effect on the views and visibility of all websites, in all languages and in all countries around the world.

What does that mean for your e-commerce site?
Simply put: If your website is not mobile-friendly, it will be much less likely to show up in a Google search. Your site will rank… or not… depending on its mobile-friendliness, and that can make quite a significant impact on the online presence of your business.

How much of an impact? Consider these statistics from

• 60% of all traffic for Google is mobile.
• 50% of people use their smartphones and tablets to choose what to buy and where to buy products and services.
• 78% of consumers who search for a local business on their smartphone end up making a purchase.

Does your company’s website already have a successful mobile-friendly design? Finding out takes more than just checking to see if it fits the screen of your wireless device. But no need to worry; taking some small steps can put you back on your way to a healthy ranking.

Step 1: Check your current site against Google’s Official Mobile-Friendly Test. If your site passes the test, that’s great news! But also be sure to check your Google Analytics for important factors that can shed light on how mobile users are interacting with your site. What is the average amount of time that visitors are spending on your site, and what percentage of them view only one page before navigating away? If your bounce rate is high, the first place to look is your site design.

Step 2: Consider your design options. A responsive site is designed to be viewed across a wide range of devices, providing an optimal navigation experience. However, you also want to think of your client base. Are most of your customers always on the road? Do they typically know what they want and go straight to the purchase? If that’s the case, an adaptive design may be the best approach, as it is catered specifically for a mobile or tablet experience. On the other hand, if your target audience is primarily iOS, Android or Windows users, you may want to consider implementing a native application instead. The pros and cons of each option are out there, but making the right choice for your business often takes good common sense.

Step 3: Act quickly and update your website to a mobile-friendly status. Google has some advice if you’re wondering: What should I think about when working with a developer? Of course, budget and cost are major deciding factors, but can your business really afford to hesitate? Notice what has to say:

“‘Mobile-only” designs are relatively simple to build and generally economical in development cost. Responsive websites are more complicated to build; having a higher upfront cost. One important consideration is the “lifetime” cost. Over time, it can be much more cost-effective to build a responsive website and optimize it for all standard resolutions. This also means that future updates related to content are to be done at one place instead of multiple versions of the website(s) that cater to each screen width.”

So the writing is on the wall, and as we all know: Where Google goes, the rest of the world follows. Making sure that you have a mobile-friendly e-commerce site is now more important than ever.

So as the clock ticks down to April 21st, the question remains: Are you ready?
Clients of DotcomWeavers will benefit from this Google update. Will you?

If you’d like a FREE mobile-friendly assessment, contact us and see how DotcomWeavers can take your e-commerce website to the next level!

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