Press Release: DotcomWeavers Launches Online Reputation Management Tool ReviewBalance


Jul 18, 2013

Paramus, NJ (PRWEB) July 18, 2013

ReviewBalance: Online Reputation Management Tool

When business owner William Stevens fell victim to an online smear campaign he realized how difficult online reputation management can be. A disgruntled former employee ruined years of positive customer service with only a few clicks and keystrokes. Feeling frustrated, Stevens began months of research that evolved into the idea for ReviewBalance, an online reputation management tool.

To help turn his vision into reality, Stevens chose DotcomWeavers, a leading New Jersey web design & development firm. DotcomWeavers performed extensive research on the many online review platforms available and worked to develop a comprehensive reputation management solution. The result was

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ReviewBalance – an online reputation management tool

With ReviewBalance, businesses can feel confident in asking their customers to provide reviews—in fact, ReviewBalance encourages reviews.

DotcomWeavers developed a robust web application that allows business owners to create their own fully customizable website widgets and QR-coded marketing materials. These tools guide customers to the business’s unique, branded ReviewBalance landing page where customers can choose if their experience with the business was positive or negative.

If positive, users are led to the social review site of their choice (within the selection outlined by the business owner) where they can post their positive reviews; if negative, users are funneled to a fully customized customer satisfaction survey where they can tell the business owner what the problem was. This allows negative feedback to remain private (via email), rather than being posted publicly on social review sites.

Additionally, anyone who submits a negative review can opt into receiving a coupon or special offer to encourage them to give the business another chance. DotcomWeavers also installed a social media sharing widget that allows users to share these coupons on Facebook, Twitter, or Linked In, further extending the marketing reach of ReviewBalance’s customers.

Along with the web application, DotcomWeavers also developed the eCommerce side of ReviewBalance, where customers can select from a free version or a premium subscription version. Businesses can subscribe monthly or annually to receive full access to all of ReviewBalance’s functionality.

As Stevens states, not only does ReviewBalance provide business owners with valuable information about the quality of their customer service, it “lets the customer vent to you, the business owner, directly,” instead of posting publicly and negatively influencing your reputation on the web.

About ReviewBalance:
ReviewBalance is a comprehensive online reputation management tool. By funneling users based on whether their reviews are positive or negative, ReviewBalance can help encourage positive reviews in public forums while keeping negative reviews private. ReviewBalance also helps business owners manage their reputation across over 90 social review websites. For more information, visit

About DotcomWeavers:
Dotcomweavers is a Paramus, New Jersey-based web development and eCommerce company focused on using cutting-edge technology to solve business problems. DotcomWeavers provides a wide array of internet services for our clients in New Jersey, New York, nationwide, and internationally, including web development, website design, e-commerce and internet marketing (SEO).

Visit or call (888) 315-6518 for more information.

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