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Dec 05, 2010

A new, exciting and useful area to have meaningful debates is now available on the Internet: Correct the Record. CTRToday is a political forum that has a unique build like no other area for political discussion on the web and is now live for your use! Find and connect with politicians from your area and others to express your ideas and feelings on what is happening in this country. It is not censored by the government, questions are not screened or limited, and the moderators are not trying to protect the reputation of any elected officials. The website provides the latest news and updates for political issues in the U.S, and a place to ask about them and demand real answers. Discussion with politicians is no longer reserved for special events, it should happen everyday. CTRToday and Dotcomweavers partnered up to bring that very idea to life for everyone in this country.

Many people can attest to the fact that it’s much easier to have an idea than to make it into a reality. The owners at CTRToday were looking for a web design and development company that had the knowledge and skills to manifest their idea correctly. They were looking to create a political arena for any citizen to enter and get their questions answered. Of course, a lot of the time, people do not know what the major issues around them are and lack the knowledge to participate. Sometimes people need a refresher on what the political issue is, but other times they need the whole story. Thinking ahead for problems like this one and others, Dotcomweavers incorporated many useful aspects to the website.

A lot of information will be moving back and forth from different parties. Not only does CTRToday provide easy to access information that is up-to-date on political issues, it also stores and retrieves data that is added from visitors and politicians. Searches exist for finding specific elected officials, in any state. Find out what political issues are on the forefront of their agenda. Take a look at what your local officials opinions on the issues that matter to you. Send them questions and find out how they plan to deal with upcoming events and situations. Dotcomweavers has helped CTRToday make it easy to get the involved parties together in one place to help bring about solutions.

As the owners at CTRToday would say To be informed is to be empowered. What you need to know and what you want to know about politics are now to be found in the same place. It is shared by the politicians you want to speak to and other like-minded citizens that want to know what is happening in their country.

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