The Greeting Card Shop is known for supplying beautifully designed and highly customizable cards for any occasion. With the current site being limited to the capabilities of the Platform, the original goal of this project was to migrate the site to Magento. The Magento migration would eventually allow our team to develop several unique and robust features such as a custom Designer Tool, to enhance the UX of the site and boost overall revenue.

Project Highlights

  • Custom Designer Tool
  • Web to Print Functionality
  • Customized Shipping Options
  • Wish List Capabilities
  • Social Media Integration
  • Automatic Card Sending to Multiple Addresses

Custom Card Designer Tool

In addition to the wide selection of pre-designed cards, the site features a unique design tool that customers can use to fully personalize a card before sending it. After choosing the category and styles of greeting card they wish to design, a user will click the personalize button which will then redirect them to a page where they have the ability to add personalized messages in their desired font, color, and size.

To expand the customer’s creative journey, the designer tool also features the option for users to upload a personal photo to be printed on the greeting card of their choice. Once personalization is complete, the users can preview their newly designed card and place their order. If they wish to come back to their design before they order, users have the option to save the personalized card to their own account and choose to order it later.

Saving Contacts on User Account

Can’t remember everyone’s address? Have multiple friends to send to? No problem. With the site revamp, our team developed the user capabilities to save multiple addresses to an account and the option to ship to multiple addresses at a time. To save contacts, users can create the contacts manually or they have the option to import contacts through CSV.

Once a product is added to a customer’s cart and the user is ready to choose delivery details, the saved contacts will be displayed. The customer can then select which address they would prefer their card to be sent to. They can select their own address or to have the card be shipped directly to the recipient. If the choice is made to send directly to a recipient, the saved addresses will be displayed and the recipient’s address can be selected . If the user wishes to add a new recipient to the list, they can do so directly from this page as well.

From this list you can also choose several addresses to send your creations to at the same time within one checkout and delivery process. For example, if you want to send a Christmas greeting card to 5 of your friends you can do so by adding the 5 cards to your cart and selecting all the addresses at checkout.


Our team was also able to artfully construct a system which enabled seamless order processing to Web2Print Third Party Service Provider. The current workflow includes the following steps:

Additional Online Store Features Include:


With the original goal of replatforming The Greeting Card Shop site to Magento, several other major improvements were made to the site overall.The customizable nature of Magento allowed our team to put brilliant UX designs at the forefront of the customer journey. The advanced data management options and 3rd party integrations optimized the backend of the site to ensure that the customer journey was seamless and the administrator experience was efficient and effective. Migrating to Magento truly elevated the customer journey and overall experience shopping with the brand while simultaneously improving the functionality of the site and logistics of the online store.

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