Since its humble beginning in 1921, and throughout a century of proven excellence, Nemo Tile + Stone has always been committed to meeting the high demand for beautiful, high performance surface materials. These experts in porcelain, ceramic, glass, metal tile, and stone, Nemo Tile takes pride in their showrooms which bring a hands-on and interactive experience of their products to customers. With their 100 year anniversary fast approaching, their leadership came to us in search of a solution that would create a platform for their B2B customers and sales representatives, leading the way for digital transformation within the company, and maintaining their immersive showroom experience online.

The existing system was mainly used as a catalog site and the Nemo team hoped to establish capabilities for both B2C and B2B customers in the long run. The original WordPress site could not support these capabilities, so there was need for a complete platform migration and site redesign. Therefore, our goal was a total revamp which included site and data migration from WordPress to Magento Commerce Cloud while placing a heavy focus on ADA compliance and integration with a Epicor Prophet 21 ERP to simplify large inventory management and order processing. The robust integrations would lead to a comprehensive, interactive showroom experience which enhances the customer experience and showcases Nemo Tile + Stone’s high quality surface solutions.

Project Highlights

  • Wordpress to Magento Migration
  • Multi Channel Integration
  • ADA Compliance
  • Magento Epicor Prophet P21 Integration
  • B2B and B2C UX
  • Ecommerce Enabled

ADA Compliance
The Americans with Disabilities Act is an important legislation in the U.S. which sets the standard of disability requirements for private businesses which are open to the public. With the growing number of legal cases involving website accessibility, it was essential that we created a site that was accessible and responsive to all potential customers. With ADA Compliance at the forefront of our priorities, our team worked from the ground up on the Magento platform to build a site with custom ADA features as a long term solution as opposed to using a temporary third party solution. An integral part of our development was the integration of UserWay which is an AI based auto remediation technology that is designed to meet the most recent Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to ensure legal compliance.

The development and implementation of an Multi Channel approach provided the online store with advanced search options and robust product categorization through the use of filters. Another initiative taken to automate the customization of the site is the custom integration with their Epicor Prophet 21 ERP. This is a cloud based, end to end ERP solution for distribution which is now the beating heart for Nemo Tile + Stone’s business. P21 is a verbose ERP system that boasts a sophisticated real time inventory, and order processing system. A Magento Epicor Prophet 21 integration provides an API add-on which allows the P21 system to communicate with any external system via SOAP-based Web Services. To form a connection between the systems, Magento enables consuming APIs using SOAP-based services. This streamlines processes that involve customer data and acquisition, product master data, order and shipment tracking, return and refund management, and payment integration. Our design improved speed and security while making the site fully ecommerce enabled so that Nemo is ready to take their business to the next level. The site also showcases a custom designed blog, suggested ‘Where to Buy’ locations, as well as an interactive lookbook through which allows users to save their desired look as a PDF.

Nemo came to us with the aim to transform their virtual showroom into a website with ordering access to a wide array of products in many different measurements and quantities. The completed site delivers several stand out features to improve the CX of B2B customers and sales reps. It delivers B2C like shopping experiences and customer service to B2B customers through the powerful integration of sales, order, inventory, and product management between the Epicor Prophet P21 ERP and the contemporary, highly customizable ecommerce platform, Magento.

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