Project Highlights
  • ShopifyPlus
  • eCommerce Development
  • UX Design & Development
  • ShipRelay Integration
  • Quickbooks Integration





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Merelta, a natural hair care company, needed an eCommerce website that looked and felt as organic as the products they sold.

The challenge lay in creating a visually-rich UX on a platform that supported Merelta’s business goals. Together, we chose ShopifyPlus…with a host of customizations like the intuitive user interface and advanced software integrations. The backend is also easy for customer service reps to manage and update on the fly.

Merelta launched a clean and beautiful site that supported their brand and reduced their total cost of ownership overtime because ShopifyPlus needs less custom maintenance and support.

Merelta Merelta

Integrated Shipping Solutions

Streamlined order fulfillment for Merelta customers from a single integration.

Integrated Business Tools

Accounting, payroll, invoicing and more via a seamless integration.

Customer Relationship Management

Personalized eCommerce marketing features integrated with the website.

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