Hot Tub Spa Supplies

Hot Tub Spa Supplies (HTSS) is a major retailer of spa parts and accessories. They’ve also been an amazing managed support client for 5+ years. Their next goal was to boost site performance and UX to help customers find, buy and receive products faster.

Since we built the original site on Magento 1.9, we migrated them to the powerful Magento 2.3 platform. Then the site got a top-to-bottom redesign. These updates improved its speed and responsiveness, plus made it simple for admins to create products and manage the site.

HTSS also upgraded their critical shopping tool: the Parts Finder. It now offers streamlined search and results and is accessible on all pages as a sticky banner. Whether a customer wants a new filter or the best hot tub for their home, HTSS’ new site helps them find it easily.

Project Highlights

  • Magento 2.3 Migration
  • eCommerce Development
  • UX Design & Development
  • Parts Finder
  • Conversion Optimization

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