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DotcomWeavers are experts at Magento 2. We got another chance to prove it when our long-time client, Contact Fill, asked for replatforming to Magento Cloud and UX/UI enhancements at the same time.

Contact Fill has made it easy for customers to buy prescription contact lenses since 2001. By upgrading their site from Magento 1.9 to 2, we ensured that they were ready for eCommerce in 2020 and beyond.

The redesigned page UI (home, brands, listings, product details, etc.) emphasized user experience, responsiveness and ADA compliance. We also streamlined the customer journey by highlighting features like the mini-cart and single-step reorders.

We enhanced the checkout through customizations allowing upload of prescriptions along with adhering to HIPAA compliance. Site revenue is already up 17% thanks to a 13.53% boost in conversion rate.

Contact Fill isn’t a new company, but they do have a new eCommerce engine to keep their business growing!

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