The Confectionery House provides quality supplies for the serious baker, cake decorator, and candy maker. But while baked goods and candy are timeless, eCommerce websites aren’t. They asked us to whip up their new digital platform.

Migrating to Magento 2 opened new user experience possibilities for customers and the Confectionery House team. We optimized the site structure for easy navigation and emphasized Magento’s native search features to make product discovery even easier. And UX features like the recipes section, rewards system and wishlist helped deepen user engagement.

We also integrated their ERP, Stone Edge, with Magento, which delivers a robust end-to-end eCommerce system. A UPS SurePost API connection ensures that orders get to customers fast and at a cost that makes sense for Confectionery House’s bottom line. In eCommerce as in baking, when the recipe is right, the results are amazing!

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