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VibeGather is a new kind of social networking platform. They focus on connecting local people AND bringing them together over a meal based on data from their unique personality exam.

We built the website, but the real challenge programming the personality algothrithm. We have to develop software that could sort thousands of people (and counting) to make sure every meetup group shares common interests, languages, budgets, ages, genders, and schedules.

It took some major teamwork, which is awesome, because bringing people together is what VibeGather is all about.


Custom, Inside and Out

Laravel was the perfect platform for VibeGather’s extensive custom requirements. The beautiful, marketing-focused front-end blends with the complex backend personality algorithm and meetup functions to deliver a wonderful user experience.

And, since VibeGather’s team is small, the backend is simple and efficient to manage. So, no matter how many users join the site and find their tribe, VibeGather can always provide the outstanding service they promise.


Walking the Walk

The VibeGather website design adds up to much more than a beautiful and inviting marketing platform

Every click pulls people further along VibeGather’s conversion funnel. The colors, images and content exude a sense of openness and social belonging. And the intuitive navigation mirrors the kind of easy interaction that VibeGather wants their users to enjoy.

It’s a site that lives up to the promise of its services, which is what building trust is all about. Perfect for a social networking site where digital connection is just the beginning.


DotcomWeavers are true experts in the field of web development and web design. The team that worked on my project were detail oriented and updated me with every aspect of the progress. I was truly amazed by their professionalism and dedication.

Nadia Hassan, Owner, VibeGather


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