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UNICO makes high-quality laboratory products available to distributors so physicians, veterinarians, lab technicians, researchers, and teachers can do their best work.

When UNICO came to DotcomWeavers, their biggest challenge was an outdated website. Their requirements were twofold: create an engaging, future-ready online platform that could quickly convert to eCommerce when UNICO was ready. By designing a catalog site in Magento, UNICO’s site architecture could support both immediate and future needs.


A Compelling Catalog

Magento gave UNICO total freedom to customize their CMS and segment their products into user-based and traditional product-based categories. This was perfect because thy could now speak to two distinct audiences - product distributors and end users - at the same time.

The clinical layout gives equal prominence to images and text because visual content amplifies customer interest in the products they read about. It also shrinks down to fit perfectly on mobile devices.

Convenience upgrades like an Item Finder, search tool, and downloadable one-sheet PDF product listing pages make it faster and easier for sales reps to do business with UNICO.


Ready to Make the Sale

UNICO’s steady growth since 1991 speaks to their product and service quality, and business acumen. By anticipating a shift to online sales in the future, the sales-based Magento infrastructure means they aren’t at risk of being left behind.

The catalog site is setup so that eCommerce functionality can be added with limited development time and hassle compared to starting from scratch. Now, when the time is right, UNICO can quickly move to capitalize on a new sales channel.


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