When you make food this good, you need an equally palatable way to get it to people. Since Sukhadia had multiple businesses, they asked us to build an umbrella platform that provided an engaging omni-channel shopping experience. The goal was to deliver global reach with a with personalized user experience that they could manage in one place.


Planning a re-platforming of their old ASP-based eCommerce platform to a scalable, highly-customized and automated Magento website was priority number one. We integrated the order management system, ShipRush, so Sukhadia’s could offer their customers a variety of shipping options to fit their orders. For example, they offer unique shipping logic to automatically accommodate the needs of perishable vs. non-perishable items. But why stop there? Our development team also helped Sukhadia customize their shipping and pickup (online and in-store at various locations) option, as well as providing custom gifting features. Sukhadia has the freedom to create custom promotions (sales tools) such as an automated discount on product orders of varies quantities. We further enhanced the shipping to a point were a customer could select from future delivery dates as well as create multiple shipments that will enable the perishable and non perishable products to be handled individually. Giving it the delicious brand appeal of sites like Zara and Godiva came next. The beauty of a custom Magento site is how seamlessly the backend functionality and front-end experience can be connected. Of course, we also wove in functionality to serve customers with varied order sizes and deliver unique management capabilities.


  • Custom Search
  • Magento 2.X
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Re-Platform
  • UI-UX
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