To manage 500,000+ SKUs, SamsungParts required a powerful new eCommerce platform. They also asked for enhanced search features and an ERP that could support high order volumes.


We migrated the existing SamsungParts website from an ASP framework to the powerful Magento 2.0 platform.

To drive the core website functionality, we built a robust Parts Finder. This lets users to search by a variety of parameters, refine their results, and discover related parts. When using the parts finder, visitors can explore 3D interactive parts diagrams.

For the ERP, we used Commerce Server, which allows for streamlined order fulfillment. A convenient return merchandizing automation (RMA) module provides easy returns for customers.

Two other standout integrations need to be mentioned. First, customer service reps can place orders for clients within the backend. Second, a unique Help Desk module provides superior customer service via a ticket system, rather than just email.

In all, Magento 2.0 plus extensive integrations allowed SamsungParts to become the most robust SamsungParts authorized distributor on the Internet.


  • ERP
  • Magento
  • Re-Platform
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