Pump Products needed a robust new website to secure its strong position in the market and deliver the high level of service and support that modern customers expect. They asked us to improve conversions through a simplified navigation and search functions, streamline the checkout process and upgrade the brand image.


After intense research and multiple discussions with Pump Products, our first task was to conceptualize and design a site architecture that could organize a massive product inventory in a simple, structured way that made it easy for customers to find what they need. This demanded our best thinking to create a seamless UI/UX around a robust content management system. Beginning with osCommerce, we installed multiple, custom ERP (enterprise resource planning) integrations into the site and implemented our simplified navigation system. Combined with flexible pricing and cart options that catered to B2B clients, we arrived at sales tool that was both robust and user-friendly. We refined the customer service aspects and undertook extensive testing before launching the web asset.


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  • Order Fulfillment
  • Payment Gateway
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