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Porchd wanted to gamify the real estate browsing experience through a website (and mobile app) where users can give opinions and rating on the aesthetics of hundreds of homes. Think Tinder, but for houses.

As a startup, Porchd needed digital architects who could help them draw up their business blueprint and build a custom web application housed in a beautiful website. Together we built a beautiful, UX-driven website and complementary mobile app that not only drove Porchd’s rapid growth but also gave them a scalable solution to accommodate their early success.

Mobile App

A Seamless Platform Extension

Porchd envisioned a mobile app where sellers get honest opinions on their homes, visitors earn rewards for feedback, & real estate agents generate data-driven leads.

Since they needed to push the boundaries of seamless web functionality across all devices, we built the system on the Laravel open-source platform. This gave us the flexibility to execute Porchd’s most daring ideas while lining the website up to work with the app.

To give the website major curb appeal (it’s for critiquing homes, after all), we included an image-centric, fully-responsive design perfect for engaging viewer interest.


A Mobile-First Approach

To complement the website and extend Porchd’s reach to users everywhere, we built a custom mobile application. It leverages brand design and a fun UX that connected with the backend of the web application.

We did the wireframing, design, coding and testing following the website style and functionality to create a seamless extension of their product. As a custom job, we selected the perfect technology stack for Porchd’s requirements, which saved time and resources while advancing their business goals.

Together, we built a scalable and robust business and now the concept of the startup has turned into a reality.


Enhanced eCommerce

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