It’s the classic ‘how we met’ story. New Jersey Bride wanted to transform the way people and businesses connected in the wedding industry but needed a WordPress developer to help them do it. DotcomWeavers was ready to marry form with function in an image-centric, UX-driven website for the right client. We met to discuss digital strategy and the rest, as they say, was history.


Like all great partnerships, we used the ‘getting to know you’ phase to discuss priorities. NJB was clear that they wanted wedding-day-quality presentation combined with strategy and execution that would make the most discerning wedding planner smile. Because the website has several different audiences with different needs, it required a total redesign and plenty of custom integrations. We built the main navigation to help each audience zero-in on the information they need and then developed the site to make its functionality seamless. Some of our favorite features include custom user account management, robust search filters, vendor management and messaging tools for users, and HubSpot integration. Vendors can easily promote their brands via the 3rd-party ad distribution platform, Broadstreet. Finally, since every great story needs an album of memories, we added a live Instagram feed to complete the picture. Was this digital partnership a match made in heaven? You bet. And it’s just getting started.


  • Custom Search
  • Hubspot
  • UI-UX
  • Web Development
  • WordPress
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