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Medical Equipment Dynamics (MED) sources and sells idle medical equipment. Their mission? Reduce theft, HIPAA violations, the lack of professionalism, and unethical business practices related to medical equipment in the healthcare industry.

MED asked DotcomWeavers to build an online marketplace where they can sell their own equipment and give third-party B2B companies and dealers a place to sell pre-owned and refurbished models. The new MED website helps put more medical equipment to back to work helping people get better.

Magento 2

True Marketplace Scalability

With it’s custom marketplace capabilities, Magento 2 was the right choice for MED. The website has powerful integrations that work together to achieve a scalable and automated sales environment. Here are a few critical integrations:

  • Stripe payment gateway for fast and secure checkouts regardless of volume
  • TaxJar, to handle all MED’s tax calculations, reporting and filings
  • eBay integration to upload Magento products to sell on eBay
  • eBay Trading API to import the sellers and products from eBay to sell on MED
  • Zoho CRM Integration
  • eBay to Magento to Zoho integration
  • Unishipper (Freight) integration
  • Custom request a quote functionality


Form Meets Function

MED’s philosophy is all about maximum utilization with minimal waste, so the website design is simple and clutter free.

It’s easy for users to navigate through thousands of products, create stores within the marketplace, and get instant customer service.

The design also allows the site to scale regardless of the number of products or vendors. Clever touches like the search box and nested product categories help MED grow faster than a website with, let’s say, a more standard design.


Enhanced eCommerce

Ready to take your sales to the next level? We can help make your website the best one in your industry with great design and seamless system integration.

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