Lumiko had an outdated catalog site with limited flexibility and poor browser visibility. To continue their success, they needed a major website overhaul that supported the needs of the modern B2B and B2C customer.


We rebuilt their basic HTML website as an eCommerce site in WordPress to display their wide array of products. The new design sensibility and responsive format allowed for superior SEO according to Google’s latest algorithm. To drive their sales experience, we integrated WooCommerce and connected MailChimp for customer communication. One of the new features that set the new Lumiko site apart was its parts finder. We created this advanced search feature from scratch, and it allowed users to search for parts by car make, model, year, and other parameters. Another important aspect of the site was its improved site architecture and navigation format, which created a streamlined and enjoyable user experience. With the launch of its new site, Lumiko regained its position as one of the world leaders for performance automotive lighting.


  • eCommerce
  • Re-Platform
  • UI-UX
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