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LimoRide is a New Jersey-based ground transport company with a 200+ vehicle fleet. They provide luxury limousine, party bus, and car services to the Tristate area.

LimoRide wanted to improve lead generation and revenue with a new website and integrated custom software. The site had to attract customers and communicate brand value, automate internal business functions and streamline the booking process.

We worked with LimoRide to understand their industry and support their vision for a fully-automated and scalable online business solution.


Engineered with Laravel

Since LimoRide’s priorities were tight backend control and an outstanding user experience that required a lot of customization, Laravel was the PHP framework of choice.

We integrated technology such as the Google Maps API, a voice recording module, flexible inventory management modules, driver management tools, and price and quote management features.

The custom admin dashboard optimizes content access and puts the essential business management features front and center. With this intuitive and interactive hub, LimoRide is able to manage their business with less personnel and continue to grow year after year.

Once the site was complete, we did extensive testing to ensure the launch of a bug-free asset that would produce outstanding results.


A Profitable User Experience

The website and quote management tool feature a mobile-first design that makes it easy for customers to book rides from any device.

The quote management tool uses the Google and Bing APIs to calculate the distance between the source and destination locations. It has failover logic built-in, so if the Google API fails, it automatically switches to Bing to help retain customers and prevent abandoned quotes.

The Call Log is connected with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to monitor performance and ensure all users get the support they need.

Now LimoRide can collect, report, and evaluate all aspects of their customer journey to provide outstanding customer service. The combination of appealing visuals, robust software and simple navigation created a user experience that helped LimoRide become one of the most profitable luxury transportation brands in the area.


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