iVANZi asked us to turn their vision into a reality, of a marketplace that would empower buyers and sellers to have a more seamless and transparent eCommerce experience. It also had to be fully-scalable to account for a range of new vendors and customer options in the future.


We took iVANZi's vision and developed a highly-customized marketplace platform that could accommodate unlimited vendors, products and customers. The front-end design and back-end site architecture were linked for an unparalleled user experience that was also simple for vendors to manage. The site also included several features that distinguished it from other eCommerce sites, such as variant pricing on goods and shipping, as well as a ‘Joint Sale Program’ that allows sellers to sell and retail store owners to buy, without the lack of trust nor the fear of risk that often stands in the way of commerce.


  • eCommerce
  • Responsive Web Design
  • UI-UX
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