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The Greeting Card Shop is a creative and whimsical eCommerce service where you can design customized cards and send them to family and friends – they even stamp and mail the card for you!

When the Greeting Card Shop approached us with plans for a new eCommerce website solution, their old platform could no longer support the new business model and wanted to re-platform. They needed a host of new features as well as a responsive, user-experience-driven design and functionality.


Powered by the Best

After our discovery and planning phases, we migrated the Greeting Card Shop onto the Magento platform. We then created a custom interface and branded design that worked seamlessly with the functionality and user experience they sought.

We also built a greeting card design module from scratch which allowed users to personalize their greeting cards from thousands of different combinations of color, images, fonts and more.


Seamless Order Fulfillment

The other custom integration that set them apart was their unique shipping service offerings. We created an API that connected their printing house with their shipping service for seamless customer order fulfillment.

Other notable customizations included a user dashboard where they can save projects, review past orders, and set up easy reordering. The Greeting Card Shop now has a scalable, fully-responsive, SEO-driven website, and we look forward to reporting on the site performance as they grow.


Enhanced eCommerce

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