As a feisty startup, Eye Heart Athletics needed to make an immediate impact in a competitive market. They asked DotcomWeavers to create an image-based eCommerce store that was user-friendly on the front- and back-end. To market their products, they also wanted to make heavy use of social media to influence sales.


WordPress was the perfect solution for a website that was beautiful in its simplicity and highly customizable with social content. To drive the eCommerce side of the business we used the WooCommerce store/cart. Then we integrated it with the PayPal payment gateway. Finally, in order fulfillment we integrated the USPS API – and a store was born! The real power of the website, however, is in its connectivity with Instagram. The popular social media platform is the primary marketing engine that drives sales. We added three key Instagram integrations. 1) We added their Instagram account feed directly on the homepage. 2) We enabled users to update Eye Heart product pages with their own Instagram images related to the product. 3) When users click an Eye Heart hashtag on Instagram, it takes them to the related product page for easy purchasing. This was our first website that made use of such heavy social media integration, and the results are already phenomenal!


  • eCommerce
  • Marketing
  • UI-UX
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