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The Confectionery House has been in business for more than 25 years and offers quality supplies for the serious baker, cake decorator, and candy maker.

When we partnered up with the Confectionery House, one thing was clear: Delicious baked goods and candy are timeless – but eCommerce websites aren’t.

To sustain their business for another quarter-century and beyond, Confectionery House needed a sweet new eCommerce solution. They asked DotcomWeavers to deliver it.


Upgrading to Magento 2.0

We took Confectionary House’s classic recipe – quality goods and outstanding service – and added a few modern ingredients.

This started with a migration from Magento 1.9 to the robust and user-friendly Magento 2.2 platform. This allowed us to design a faster and more intuitive shopping experience, plus implement easy-to-use admin controls.

Next, we decorated the site with beautiful images, clean design, and friendly formatting to create an awesome shopping experience.


A Fresh UX Recipe

Once the design architecture was in place, it was integrated with Stone Edge, their ERP, for seamless order processing.

This includes in-store pickup for customers living within 40 miles of their warehouse. Finally, we added a pair of UX features to make the experience more rewarding. The first was a store credit utility that allows more flexible payment options and promotes loyalty.

The second was a recipe section which gets to the heart of what Confectionery House is all about: helping bakers everywhere improve their art and make delicious, comforting treats!


We hired Dotcomweavers to redesign our Magento site. They really care about the companies they work with and invest themselves for the long haul, giving guidance and advice for growth and long-term goals.



Hungry for More?

Competition is fierce in Food & Perishables eCommerce, and successful companies need to stand out. We can help you engage more visitors, market your products to new audiences and optimize order fulfillmentry.

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