Chrysalis approached us with a pre-built layout, but no way to develop it – and a tight deadline. The Chrysalis Costumes project required our expertise for developing custom eCommerce websites using platforms like Laravel, managing social media presences, and supporting continued growth and service offerings.


Because of the highly-customized requirements for Chrysalis, we chose to build the website from scratch using the Laravel platform. We created a true eCommerce experience where customers can buy and trade costumes online. There is also a marketplace feature where users can sell their own used costumes on the Chrysalis platform. To drive their sales, we chose the Stripe payment gateway and integrated several shipping options including Fedex, USPS, and most recently, Endicia. We also built a mobile app (due to launch in Fall 2017) as a complement to their eCommerce site. To drive traffic and support Chrysalis’ efforts to become an industry authority, we also integrated a dynamic events calendar and blog where visitors can discover the latest industry trends and happenings. In short, Chrysalis received a fully-functional eCommerce platform in time for their launch date. There’s lots more in store for Chrysalis and we are already working on phase 2 implementations!


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