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Brobia is an online listing platform that helps businesses increase exposure by allowing users to search for local vendors according to popular keywords. Vendors can monitor traffic on their ad page and receive messages from customers.

It’s a win-win idea that Yelp! can’t match – empowering local business owners while still providing a valuable service to end users.

But before Brobia could challenge Yelp! for the mastery, they needed a web developer to turn their ideas into a digital reality. That’s where DotcomWeavers got involved.


Custom Service. Standout Software.

We built Brobia’s web application on the Laravel platform because they needed the flexibility to offer unique functionality and quickly add new features down the road.

Custom programming allows Brobia to address the needs of two separate user sets at the same time: businesses and end users looking for those businesses. It’s got all the geo-location, CRM, and monetization features a company could ask for and is 100% scalable.

Anyone can search by keyword and location to find the business information they want, but unlike Yelp!, Brobia gives businesses a say in what’s printed about them and how they target customers.


Designed to Engage

Brobia wanted to give their customers the information they wanted and nothing superfluous. The site design fulfills both requirements with its minimalist design, open layout and subtle use of color.

They also wanted to give local businesses proper shrift and the chance to take center stage - no more getting lost among ads and loads of competitors. Now users can get a real understanding of the businesses services, style and personality.

And, of course, form and function are two sides of the same coin - Brobia is intuitive and easy to navigate for vendors and users alike.


Enhanced eCommerce

Ready to take your sales to the next level? We can help make your website the best one in your industry with great design and seamless system integration.

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