As a startup, BeachBox had a great idea but needed the bandwidth to turn that idea into reality. They asked DotcomWeavers to design and develop the app from the ground up, ensuring perfect functionality and a prominent presence on the app store.


We began by developing a comprehensive wireframe and architecture that covered both the user experience and backend functionality. This required 4 separate apps to be developed, and 3 custom web applications. The apps covered the end user and delivery person functions across iOS and Android devices. For the web applications, we built one for administrators, one for salespeople to onboard new restaurants, and one for order management on the restaurant side. To drive the service, we integrated the Google Maps API so end users and delivery people can track each other in real time. The result was a 100% custom app (no templates, ever) that allowed for universal adoption from coast to coast. What’s more, our expert ASO (app store optimization) skills helped BeachBox get featured on the App Store as soon as it launched!


  • Mobile Application
  • UI-UX
  • Web Application
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