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Agilent helps scientists around the world deliver a high level of confidence in their research with 10,000+ organic and inorganic analytical standards products.

When Agilent acquired ULTRA Scientific in 2018, they became the world leader in the industry – which meant they had to bring their A-game in the eCommerce space.

They asked DotcomWeavers to help them give customers an engaging platform to find products, manuals, and documentation, plus offer custom shipping options.


Powered By Magento

The major challenge to future performance was an outdated site. So we started from scratch using a rigorously-tested platform: Magento. And it tested positive as the perfect solution for Agilent’s technical requirements!

By focusing on smart search features and offering more ways to find and filter products in a single place, customer convenience improved - and so did sales.

The SAGE ERP integration was another critical software that allowed users to generate and request custom standards. This fea set Agilent apart in a competitive industry.


A New Standard for Success

For a business with customers from different regions around the world, a flexible and personalized user experience was critical. That’s why the sleek new navigation and layout is easy to use and able to maintain its formatting in any language.

Of course, we’re just getting started with Agilent. The next steps include scaling up user options to create custom standards and streamlining the CRM system.


Enhanced eCommerce

Ready to take your sales to the next level? We can help make your website the best one in your industry with great design and seamless system integration.

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