Our Mascot

We Like to Get Busy

It takes serious planning and effort to create web solutions that build businesses. Like the sticks in a dam, every element of a project must be carefully selected, implemented, and tested. We know that success is built over time, and dedicated effort yields the best results. At DotcomWeavers, everyone on our team, from the project managers who drive projects to the designers and developers who build them, has the work ethic of a busy beaver. In fact, that’s exactly what they are.

Meet Weaver, The Dotcom Beaver

Weaver is our friendly mascot and represents our philosophy of work. He knows a lot about web design and development, and always works hard for our clients. No matter what task comes next, he’s always ready to give it everything he’s got. You can always count on him to get the job done. Weaver joined our team in 2016, with the help of artist Jeremy Thompson. Impressed by Weaver’s work ethic and knowledge, we invited him to join our team. Today, we can’t imagine our business without him!

Look for Beaver Support


Weaver will answer your questions via the chat button in the lower right corner of your screen.


Weaver provides valuable insight and information about eCommerce topics.


Weaver provides helpful tips and ideas to make your website
even better.

The Many Styles of Weaver

Check out his different outfits for holidays and events on our social media and in our newsletter.

And that’s the Dotcom Beaver story! Our team is here to work hard and make your vision of a successful online business a reality. Weaver is here to keep us on point. In his words, “We build the best DAM web solutions!”

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