OsCommerce: Experience Required


Oct 19, 2010

Transitioning your business to an online storefront will teach you a few things.

One, it will teach you to give browsers as many available options for viewing your products and content as are convenient.

Two, it will teach you to incorporate a simple method for tracking the information related to the checkout process.  All the statistics related to transactions will provide clues as to how to go about streamlining your process.

Third, and hardly last, it will definitely teach you to make a process that is safe and secure for your customers.  One sure-fire way to kill your business is to allow your customers secure information to be stolen from your records.

These and other lessons eventually lead your business to the need for legitimate eCommerce software.  From what is available right now, osCommerce is the most popular software out there.  It being open-source, there are also a sizable number of additions to the programming, allowing for an almost unlimited number of variations for customization.

To properly integrate osCommerce into your eCommerce storefront, you or the programmer for your company’s website needs to be an expert in several areas.  They need to have several languages mastered, such as PHP, HTML, MySQL, HXTML and jQuery just to name a few.  When making changes to the appearance and functionality of the software, it is vital to know what you are doing.  Guesses can lead to errors crashing the entire program or have no noticeable affect.  Suffice to say, osCommerce is not for the programming newcomer.  Making the investment in software for your eCommerce needs, only to wreck your server through mistakes brought on by inexperience, would be tragic.

When transitioning the online storefront needs of your business to osCommerce, stick to hiring professionals. A company that has a team of experts in planning and implementing customized osCommerce solutions is what you want.  The needs of your business in an eCommerce world are still unknown till you have professionals analyze the company and its online sales plan.  Get a proper evaluation and find out exactly what your business needs to flourish as an online storefront.

The number of different bits of information required to customize your eCommerce process in osCommerce can be staggering.  Finding experienced, outside help for setting it up for your business is the smart thing to do.  It keeps the headaches off your plate and turns a complex, somewhat difficult issue into an easily solved problem.

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