Get Your Website Ready for Summer Shopping

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This is the first article in a two-part series that discusses how to get your eCommerce store ready for summer shopping.

As the temperature rises, people leave their computer screens for vacations, barbecues and the beach. It’s no secret then that eCommerce activity drops dramatically during the summer months. Some studies indicate a drop of 30 percent or more from its peak during the month of December!

Despite the inevitable slump in summer shopping activities, there are effective strategies to help keep conversion rates strong during the summer months. These are all about adapting to seasonal changes in user behavior and expectations.

Dress the Part: Update Images for Summer Shopping

More than 90% of consumers consider visual appearance to be a key deciding factor in whether they make a purchase. This means it’s time to remove winter content and replace it with relevant summer graphics that people can relate to. Customers respond to shared experiences and circumstances, so during the summer shopping months you should focus on:

  1. Seasonal images (swimming, cookouts, shorts and t-shirts, etc.)
  2. Lighter colors (yellows, light blues, white, tan, etc.)
  3. Relaxed messaging (use short, casual, and friendly language)

On the Go: Emphasize Mobile Functionality

As people break out the lawn chairs and beach towels, their online engagement shifts heavily towards mobile devices. Anticipate summer browsing behavior by providing an outstanding mobile shopping experience. People are 3 times more likely to convert if they can quickly find what they want. So updates to your mobile design, such as positioning the search bar in a clear and convenient place, can lead to more sales.

Tip: Add Meta tags and descriptions to all the content on your website for optimal search returns

Another way to increase conversions from mobile users is to streamline the buying process. The fewer actions it takes for a user to reach checkout, the more likely they are to complete the purchase. Consult with your web developer about this important update before summer rolls around. You can also offer a perk like free shipping. The added cost will quickly be defrayed by additional sales.

Get Beach-ready: Give Your Product Content a Boost

Today, customer expectations for product content are higher than ever. Since you are getting the rest of your website ready for summer, we recommend giving your product descriptions and images a boost.

  1. Provide product images at multiple angles and 360˚ views
  2. Offer a zoom feature so customers can see important details
  3. Give context by providing images of people using the product
  4. Write detailed descriptions that communicate features and benefits

Amit Bhaiya, CEO of DotcomWeavers says, “By upgrading your product images and descriptions, you make it easier for customers to make a purchase decision by answering questions ahead of time. Give them a complete look at your products and they will feel more comfortable about buying.”

Finally, consistency is essential when it comes to product content, whether it is the background color and lighting on images, or catchy, elaborate descriptions for all products. Remember: this consistency is an important part of building your brand, as well as making sales.

Apply these three powerful tips to get your website ready for summer and avoid the shopping slump that many companies experience.

Next time, we’ll explore 4 ways to upgrade your summer marketing plan. For more information about how DotcomWeavers can optimize your website to draw more users and earn more conversions, contact us today.

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