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Nov 26, 2013

According to eMarketer, a leading research firm that offers insights on digital marketing, media and commerce, ecommerce sales is now a trillion dollar industry. It only seems natural to assume that as online shopping increases, so too does the need for adding value during the online shopping experience.

With a few variations, all online stores follow the same basic principal for selling their products, goods or sShopping Momentervices. Essentially, a customer enters a online store then browses products, selects a product, puts product in a shopping cart, registers to make the purchase, selects a shipping method and finally pays for the item. While the process is relatively easy, it offers up a lot of uncertainty about the delivery of items and lacks any physical human intervention. After the online purchase is made, many of us online shoppers question, if or when the purchase will arrive? Will it be the correct item? Or is someone there to help if needed?

Dotcomweavers is no stranger to building ecommerce solutions. Most of our business is about building online stores and many of our ecommerce customers want to follow the traditional rules and processes for selling online. While we always utilize best practices for ecommerce, our goal is to help New Jersey businesses succeed online and offer the best solution to help them achieve their business objectives. Sometimes that means stepping outside the ecommerce funnel with a business model that challenges traditions.

Enter, an online shopping concierge and delivery service that plan to change the way you and I shop by adding a little personal touch to your online shopping experience. Shop online and receive your item the same day, hand delivered by your online concierge Fashion Delivery. How does it work? Shop at a select online retailer, find your product for purchase, send product’s URL to FashionDelivery.Net for payment, processing and fulfillment. Now you’re dealing with a person that confirms your order and goes to the store to physically purchase and deliver your item. Enjoy the rest of your day while your personal concierge does all the work.

Dotcomweavers partnered with Fashion Delivery to create an ecommerce solution that makes the checkout experience speedy and efficient. Also, the sign up process and order request is simplified for the customer to enter only essential information on one page. As a full service online concierge, Fashion Delivery manages incoming order requests and takes on the role of adding items to the shopping cart for the customer. Fashion Delivery then sends the shopping cart to the customer for order confirmation and completion of payment.

Along with creating an efficient checkout experience, we gave Fashion Delivery the ability to control the website’s content and email templates with a dynamic Content Management System. We also modified their order process to a 3-step tier so orders are organized and easily followed from order request to product delivery. Based on their business model, they control what is added to the customer’s shopping cart so that they can verify which products can be obtained before having the customer complete the transaction. In short, we gave Fashion Delivery all these capabilities so that they can provide a complete customer centric concierge service for online shopping and same day delivery.

Though it seems unimaginable today that ecommerce sales will surpass brick and mortar retail sales, its ideas like an online shopping concierge that will help tip the scale in favor of online sales.

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