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NJ Web Design Client Testimonial: The Paper Store & More


Apr 29, 2013

The Paper Store & More screenshot

Hiring the right web development company is a vital business decision, something that Genie Weisz, president of The Paper Store and More, found out through trial and error. Their previous web designer simply lacked the expertise to meet The Paper Store’s goals and was holding the business back from achieving its potential.

“We had been looking to get into the ecommerce world,” said Genie. “We had an experience with a previous web designer and we found that they were not able to provide us the look and functionality that we wanted for our website.”

Genie refused to settle for anything less than the best for her business. After doing some research she contacted Dotcomweavers, the number one resource in New Jersey web design and development.

“Rather than continue to pursue that avenue and try to get [the previous company] to do what we wanted or accept what it is they would do, we decided to go elsewhere. So we reached out through the internet, found Dotcomweavers, interviewed them and chose to use them for our ecommerce site.”

Like many Dotcomweavers clients, Genie was instantly impressed with the professionalism of the web design company’s team. She especially admired Dotcomweavers’ interest in getting to know her business and the paper industry to better address The Paper Store & More’s needs.

“We were very impressed with Amit, and also his staff,” observed Genie. “What I found most impressive is that while they were not familiar with paper, they took a very active role in learning about paper and understanding our product and our industry, even though it was completely different from anything they had ever done before.”

In addition to learning about Genie’s business, Amit and his staff also drew upon previous experiences they had had working with other industries. By doing so, they were able to provide Genie with ecommerce solutions that she had not previously been aware of.

“The other thing I liked is that they were able to introduce elements that they had used before with other websites for other companies and were able to provide us with functions that we did know were available for a website.”

Thanks to the innovative ideas and professional dedication of Dotcomweavers, The Paper Store and More has a custom ecommerce solution that addresses all of their needs and has seen a fantastic sales season.

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