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Niche E-Commerce Websites have all the Advantages for Success


May 09, 2011

niche e-commerce website developmentThe way people shop continues to change. More specifically, the way they shop online continues to change. If you read our article on long tail keywords, then you know that most websites owe their conversion rates to the long tail keywords. What the article does not cover are niche e-commerce websites.

Websites that only carry a large variety of very specific products are becoming more popular. Website owners are finding it easier to dominate the keyword search for their niche online store. Plenty of online stores, like Wal-Mart or Target, only offer a few products outside the scope of their brick and mortar store’s regular inventory.

Say you are looking for a fishing rod. If you go to the Wal-Mart online store, you can select from 6-8 possible choices. However, if you go to a niche online store that specializes in fishing supplies, such as, you’ll find an almost infinite selection of fishing rods to choose from. The niche e-commerce store has a better selection of the item of interest. The advantages don’t stop there.

Who is spending more money on advertising online? Undoubtedly, the answer to that question is Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, that large advertising budget is not going to help them compete against the niche online stores that can concentrate all their web marketing efforts on just a few products (which is certainly only costing them pennies on the dollar).

The lack of dependence on limited shelf space, combined with same day drop shipping, allows online stores to offer an almost infinite amount of products. Both Wal-Mart and share that advantage. Where the niche e-commerce website outpaces an online store like Wal-Mart is in also controlling the niche search space for each product they offer.

The bottom line is this: When a person looks up a specific product, only niche e-commerce websites are likely to show up, in control of the search space. If you type ‘fishing rod’ into Google Search, the first website you see is Wal-Mart doesn’t even make the second page of results, let alone the first. Most people who type a product name as their search term are looking to buy. This is the exact reason why these niche e-commerce websites are enjoying very high conversion rates and thus, great success online when they can control their product search space.

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