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New DotcomWeavers location in Paramus! Isn`t that exciting?

Bergen County welcomes another thriving business to its fold!  With all the successful businesses finding their way here, it’s no wonder Bergen County is one of the most successful counties in the United States.  All kinds of companies have found a home here, whether they provide a product or service.  Well, now they can include expert web developers and designers as part of their fold.  Dotcomweavers has a new location in Paramus. We opened a new office at the Mack-Cali Centre III building, located right in Paramus off East Ridgewood Avenue.  The new location places them in one of the more sophisticated and energy-efficient buildings, as it was a recipient of the 2010 Energy Star for excellence in energy performance and efficiency.  Dotcomweavers has been accredited by the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce and is staffed with experts in Web Development, Web Design, eCommerce, Flash and Multimedia, and Web Marketing.  Their team is a one-stop resource for improving your online business.  If your company is in need of an online overhaul, look them up at www.dotcomweavers.com.

Dotcomweavers has been in business for the last 6 years.  We began with just 3 professionals with a desire to help small businesses and entrepreneurs with great ideas create a web presence and become online successes.  Now, our business consists of 22 hand-picked professionals that excel in their areas of expertise.  Our growing company is proud to provide the best in web development and design to businesses in the New Jersey and New York areas.

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