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New Jersey Venture Revolutionizes Fundraising


Dec 06, 2011

Have you ever heard the old adage that “There’s nothing new under the sun.” It’s supposed to mean that all the good ideas have been taken, and that there’s no room left for anyone to come up with something that’s truly different and better. But we at Dotcomweavers don’t accept this truism — and neither do the growing numbers of small and medium-sized New Jersey and New York businesses who have been coming to us for help in realizing the full potential of their entrepreneurial dreams.

Recently, Dotcomweavers worked with Steven Johnson to make his idea for parlaying streamlined online fundraising into a business — — a reality. He’s a great example of an ambitious entrepreneur, eager to build on a genuinely innovative idea. He’s starting small, here in New Jersey – but with a terrific website, we can imagine this becoming a huge community and the dominant concept in focused fundraising within a few years.

Fundraising for fun and profit

raiseBIG provides mostly local non-profit groups and individuals the ability to create and promote fundraising campaign and actually collect donations using the new website Dotcomweavers developed, The idea is to provide them with their own web pages, where they can upload pictures, videos, and info – and transparently hook up with Facebook and Twitter. From their campaign web pages, they can raise and collect funds easily, and administer their own programs, without turning their organization into a non-commissioned sales force.

Streamlining the fundraising process

Based on the founder’s big ideas, we designed to deliver a host of capabilities and benefits that far exceed old-fashioned, costly and time-consuming fundraising techniques:

  • Eliminate the middleman, and vastly improve profit margins – 90+ percent goes to the users of raiseBIG vs. conventional 20-60 percent
  • Raise awareness and enthusiasm through donor community cross-marketing
  • Enhance campaign promotion and reporting via social media tie-ins
  • Make it easy and fast to donate, with just two clicks
  • Provide reassurance to donors with secure credit card and PayPal collection
  • Create attractive campaign web pages quickly and simply with easy- to-use CMS
  • Administer campaigns and donor gifts/rewards seamlessly

raiseBIG’s management is streamlined, too

raiseBIG’s owner retains 100% control of all content that goes in and out of the sight so that he can maintain the integrity of his vision for it. It’s set up so that he has total visibility into what’s going on in all campaigns at all times. Funds are delivered directly into the raiseBIGPayPal account. When a campaign ends, the funds raised — less the owner’s commission — can be transferred to the campaign creator’s PayPal account seamlessly.

The technologies we used to build the site included Php, MySQL, Paypal Mass Pay, Ajax, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 and CodeIgnitor, and we customized them heavily to fit the raiseBIG vision.

Turn your vision into reality

With the launch of, its mastermind, New Jersey entrepreneur Steve, has successfully implemented a brand-new kind of business, which will produce profits for him at the same time it puts more money in the hands of those who need to raise funds.

Talk to Dotcomweavers about your ambitions for expanding your business or building an entirely new one like raiseBIG did. Let us show you how we can help make the execution of your ideas — and the achievement of your goals — reality through the magic of Web 2.0.

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