Tips to Optimize Your Mobile Experience

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Mobile Magic: 3 Tips to Optimize Your Mobile Experience

8/10 consumers choose to shop online using a smartphone or a tablet.  With that being said, a customer’s mobile experience in an online store is arguably the most important when it comes to boosting conversion rates and overall engagement with your brand. Unfortunately, most mobile experiences are neglected, rendering them slow, cluttered, and ultimately useless. This leaves users with no choice but to bounce off your page and onto one where their need for convenience can be met.  

This leaves us with the question of: What can I do to make sure my mobile shoppers get to checkout and complete a transaction?

Well. We can help you there. 

At DotcomWeavers, we work hard to make sure our clients are prepared to thrive and scale their business as the eCommerce world grows and trends shift. Our digital marketing team members are well versed in SEO and SEM strategies to boost engagement on both desktop and mobile versions of a website. When it comes to mobile applications, our team implements several non negotiable elements to create a mobile experience that is not only effective at gaining conversions, but compelling enough to create loyal customers that keep coming back for more. Here’s how to work some mobile magic: 

Use Engaging, Fast Loading Images Optimized for Mobile

The average attention span of a millennial in 2020 is between 8 and 12 seconds, and the average person checks their phone 96 times a day. So, it’s safe to say that the opportunity to impress is there, just not for a very long period of time. To capitalize on the small windows of opportunities consider the following elements:  

  • Use high quality, rich images
  • Display properly sized, responsive images that will fit to screens of various sizes
  • All text and descriptions should be legible and fully visible on screen with no pinching or dragging required from user
  • Page Load speeds should be prompt (Remember: Slow speeds kill conversions.)

Keep Your Content Short and Sweet

Odds are, if a customer is shopping mobile, they are looking for convenience. This means they do not want to sift through loads of text to find the information they need about your products or services. Be sure to maintain concise and visually appealing copy throughout your pages. Use bullet points whenever possible and avoid over embellishing your content. Keep the most important information in front the shopper to streamline the customer journey and bring about a faster conversion.

Streamline Checkout and Offer Mobile Friendly Payment 

The goal here is a checkout that is two clicks or less.To accomplish this, consider adding features like guest checkout, and integrating payment gateways, like Venmo, ApplePay and PayPal, which allow users to go from their cart to your “Thank You for Shopping” page as fast as possible. Focus on minimizing the amount of customer details required and move away from multiple screens and complex areas that require a lot of typing. 

Learn more about the Digital Marketing expertise at DotcomWeavers here, and to get started with building your magical Mobile Application experience, contact us today!

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