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5 Powerful Tips for Building a Mobile-friendly Landing Page


Feb 08, 2013

The days of focusing solely on a landing page for a PC have finally become a thing of the past. The rise of mobile phone use and other wireless devices has prompted business owners everywhere to rethink how they promote their websites to the public.

The point here is more web users are browsing the web with their mobile devices than ever before. Those who provide their users with a user-friendly browsing experience are the ones that will succeed in the new Internet marketplace.

There is one important thing to remember when building a landing page, you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your visitor – otherwise you will lose them.

In this post, we’re going to share a few helpful tips on how to build a killer mobile friendly landing page that will get noticed.

Build Easy Navigation
One of the main aspects of creating a mobile friendly landing page is to focus on your navigation. Offer your visitors clear and concise ways to get to your most important content. For instance, if you want people to register for a conference, provide tabs that link directly to the content you want them to view, such as the registration page.

Reduce the Amount of Images
When you post a lot of images on your landing page, it will not only make your page appear cluttered in the eyes of your viewer, it will slow down the amount of time it takes to load a page onto their screen. Web users are known to abandon web pages that take too long to load.

If your web page is taking too long to load from a Smartphone, you may want to consider consulting with a web developer.  They will be able to conduct a full analysis of your website and offer suggestions on how to improve your web users’ browsing experience.

Don’t focus on Javascript or Flash
Flash, Javascript and mobile phones are like oil and water — they do not mix. Flash and Javascript works well on PCs, but not on mobile devices, such as the iPhone, iPad or Android).

Create Clear and Concise Content
Unlike a traditional PC, your web content is being viewed from a smaller screen. Make sure you focus on providing your readers with web content that’s clear and concise. Your web content shouldn’t beat around the bush; you should get right to the point with your message.

Also, make sure you create great headlines that will instantly hook your readers. You will also want to provide smaller doses of content on your mobile landing page.  When there is too much content for a person to absorb, this can easily distract them and cause them to leave your page.

Work with a Web Design & Development Company

Do you need a mobile-friendly landing page built for your business? For a free quote on our web design and development services, contact us or call 1-888-315-6518.


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