Mobile Applications

A profitable mobile strategy involves more than a responsive site. We start with a robust backend and then design a sleek and engaging mobile UX to match.


Freedom to choose: iOS, Android and Hybrid Apps

Some developers see building mobile apps as a choice between Apple or Google. We disagree.


DotcomWeavers can deliver both native iOS and Android apps as well as cross-platform hybrids, so you never have to settle. You’ll get a mobile app that works with your internal systems and supports the devices that your customers use to interact with your business. Our CRO focused team will use brand storytelling to create and adaptive mobile-first design

"High caliber, yet affordable. I used Dotcomweavers to develop a website and I had a wonderful experience with them."

The 4 D's of the DotcomWeavers Approach


Our mobile apps strategy begins by understanding how people use your services or why they purchase your products. Our goal is to help you drive maximum revenue by employing robust analytics to capitalize on all those clicks and taps. During the Discovery phase you’ll collaborate with our team to produce a detailed plan to develop a custom mobile app that minimizes bounce rate and increases overall time in app.


You know what you want your mobile app to do. We’ll help you arrange those elements on the screen to make them non negotiable tools for your users. Your app will also look, sound and feel like your brand. From responsive images, to impactful product descriptions and CTAs, the screen flow will feel natural with every tap leading customers deeper into your business, moving them towards a conversion.


Our team will build your app using the latest in mobile best practices to fit your goals and budget. A tech stack will provide the programming languages, interface design tools, and database servers that support and protect your app. Using this, we’ll engineer a fully-scalable and responsive mobile solution that integrates your backend systems with a sales-focused UX. With us, your app will offer functionality that your competitors can’t match.


Your robust, highly customized mobile application will be launched error-free and supported by our design, development and marketing teams to ensure that it delivers a seamless customer journey that is optimized for user engagement across all devices. We’ll monitor user behavior and ensure your mobile CRM is driving sales and improving customer retention.

I was seriously impressed at the quality of their work, professionalism, and meeting every benchmark! I highly recommend this company, in my opinion, they are one of the best out there. They take huge pride in what they do and it definitely shows.

– Janna Makaeva  | Owner | Cutting Edge Stencils

Proof it works:

Over the years, DotcomWeavers has delivered over 100, captivating, highly functional, and infinitely scalable eCommerce solutions, with the robust Magento Platform as the driving force behind the ultimate success of our partners.


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